"Colours & Forms of Memory" Bonn 12.06-05.07.2021

"Colours & Forms of Memory" is the title of our new exhibition with Belgian-based artist Monica Villarroel Celsi ( @monicelsi ) and wood artist Manfred Preis. Villarroel Celsi draws on the style of the famous Mexican architect #Barragán in her works. She uses #colours and #dimension to move the viewer emotionally. The #wood artist Manfred Preis presents beautifully shaped #handcrafted objects made of local wood, each piece is unique. A moving variety of shapes, colours, grains and the scent of different woods beautifully complement Monica Villarroel Celsi's artworks.
#Vernissage: 12/06/21; 3:00 p.m.
The exhibition runs from 12/06/21-05/07/21

Afterwards, the exhibition can be seen at @karak_artlab in Cologne.

UPdate GALLERY UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Im Krausfeld 7

D-53111 Bonn



  ' BARRAGÁN COLLECTION ' Kortrijk 2021


By artist Monica Villarroel Celsi  

Gallery Bminus, Doenaertstraat 8, 8510 Kortrijk-Marke


In this exhibition, Monica Celsi will introduce you to a world of colourful abstraction.

Inspired by one of her favourite architects, Luis Barragán, you will discover a playful synchronisation of geometry.


Call for your appointment to Isabelle 
Due to Covid regulations, visits will take 30 minutes.



The exhibition is open untill 29th of April 2021. Don't miss out!

Special dates with the artist: 

                 Sunday , 18th of April 2021  from 16-19.00

Nocture  Thursday, 29th of April 2021 from 18-21.00


Everything will be corona proof, don't forget to bring your facemask.


See you soon ;-)

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