Welcome to Arte Del Contento

Living with colours

Arte del Contento is specialized in making and designing murals for private and commercial rooms.  

Murals are a real eye-catcher and give a room a cheerful, warm and personal atmosphere and can be tailor-made to your wishes.
Do you already have an idea or picture in mind, or would you prefer me to make a design for you?

With my background as a professional art painter and interieur architect, I am happy to help you make the right choices.
In my designs, I take into account the layout, furniture, lighting, accessories, the space and your personality .

If you like, we can paint the rest of the space with matching colours so that the mural or artwork will be one personalised design which you will enjoy every day.



Do you want to brighten up that boring waiting room, something atmospheric on the employee floor, or have the logo on the bare wall behind the counter?

You can go in many directions with a wall painting.

Let your imagination run free because we can realize any design for your company in order to give a good first impression to your customers.

Art works 

If you don't like murals or you want to change your interieur more often, you can order also a personalized art work.

Born in Chile and traveling around the world influenced me in my artworks and the choice of the right colours to brighten up a rainy day. 

Interieur painting

We help you to chose the right colours matching your interieur, style and personality. 

We work with high quality paints like Boss Paints to give your interieur a stunning look.